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How to Choose Between Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding

Your home’s siding determines not only how it looks, but also how well it’s protected from the elements, ultimately affecting both its curb appeal and value. While there are many siding options out available, fiber cement and vinyl siding are favorites among modern homeowners. Before deciding, it’s best to be informed about their unique features.

What Is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement siding is made from sand, cement, and a variety of eco-friendly fibers. When manufactured, it can be customized to resemble natural materials like stone or various woods including cedar shingles, wood lap boards, and log—adding a warm, comfortable aesthetic to your home without the expense of building with those materials.

While there are many fiber cement manufacturers, the James Hardie® brand is the most well-known. Hardie boards add more longevity and protection to an already durable siding—coming with a 50-year warranty, increased storm and fire resistance, and a high level of design and color customization.

What Is Vinyl Siding?

siding replacement dayton2 1Like fiber cement, vinyl siding is also quite durable and can be manufactured to resemble wood and stone. Made from PVC, it’s currently the most popular home siding in America, partially due to its energy-efficiency. It comes with an option for extra insulation between the exterior walls and the siding, further protecting your home from extreme weather, helping you save on energy bills during the winter and summer.

Vinyl siding is well known for its fast, simple installation, and minimal maintenance afterward. At most, you’ll have to wash the siding down with a hose once a year.

Which Should I Choose?

If you have an exterior remodeling project planned, choosing between fiber cement and vinyl siding can be difficult. Aesthetics likely play a large role in the decision. If their wood and stone reproductions aren’t to your liking, both sidings offer a vast library of unique designs to choose from. Consider your budget (though there are contractors who offer financing options), as different sidings have different costs. You should also consider the effect the elements have on your home—depending on where you live, you may need more protection in some seasons than others. The key is to strike a balance between what looks best, what’s cost-effective, and what will protect your home.

If you can’t decide between fiber cement and vinyl siding for your home, reach out to the experienced roofing contractors at AlphaOne Exteriors. Their focus on quality work and customer satisfaction have led them to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau®. Servicing Dayton, OH, and the surrounding neighborhoods, they offer residential and commercial exterior work with workmanship warranties on all services and financing options that can fit into your budget. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call them at (937) 401-3405. For a complete list of their amenities, including 24-hour phone service and commercial painting, visit their website.

Siding Installation in Dayton
Choose from dozens of style and color options to find the perfect look to make your house pop! Ask about insulated vinyl to improve your home’s energy efficiency!
A show stopping siding that is ultra-durable and incredibly beautiful, it has been installed on fine homes throughout the country. A wood-look, fire- and heat-resistant product, fiber cement siding can withstand extreme weather and provides many years of impressive performance.
A classically modern look, Stucco siding is attractive, low-maintenance fire-resistant and very durable. Be the envy of your neighborhood with a new Stucco siding install!

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