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3 Benefits of Switching to Wood Siding

Every homeowner wants durable, attractive siding. While you can choose from a variety of materials for your siding replacement, one of the most popular options is wood. Below are three reasons to enhance your home with the classic beauty of wood siding.

Why Should You Switch to Wood Siding?

1. Versatility

If you want to customize your home, you’ll love the options that come with wood siding. After you choose your favorite type of wood—such as cedar, redwood, or pine—you can select from a variety of styles like clapboard, hand-cut shakes, and machine-cut shingles. You can then paint or stain your siding in a color that complements your home and expresses your style.

2. Ease of Maintenance

dayton oh siding repair8Should a piece of wood ever suffer damage, you can remove and replace it easily, without affecting the rest of your siding. You can also fill any small holes with wood putty and quickly repaint or restain the wood if it starts to fade. This keeps your maintenance costs low, as well as increases the siding’s life span.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Some siding materials are highly-processed, which means they’ll spend centuries in landfills, wreaking havoc on the ground before they degrade. However, wood will decay more quickly into a compost-like material that won’t harm the planet. Also, you can easily reuse wood for other projects instead of throwing it away, such as craft projects, patching a fence, or replacing missing boards in your deck.

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