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How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

In the wintertime, your roof can be at increased risk of damage due to snow and ice. Dayton, Ohio, roofers recommend being careful about monitoring your roof throughout the winter and staying aware of these risks!

Below, we’ve assembled a list of the most significant impacts of ice and snow on your roof in Dayton, OH.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form when the temperature fluctuates, allowing a small amount of water to melt and drip into your gutters, where it can re-freeze. 

Experienced Dayton, OH, roofers will tell you that if this happens over and over, your gutters will become clogged with ice over time, making it impossible for the rest of the ice to drain. 

It can be risky if water pools above the dam and seeps under your roof shingles. Along with leaks and water damage, the shingles can shift out of place if that water freezes again and expands.

Increased Weight on Your Roof

Residential homes were designed to help the snow slide off after a heavy storm; this is why they are angled and have a peak in the middle.

During particularly frigid winters, the snow can freeze before it gets a chance to be pulled off by gravity. If this happens, it can get completely stuck and become even harder to scrape off. 

Professional roofers in Dayton, OH, recommend removing this buildup whenever possible because it will add weight and pressure to your roof. While it’s not enough weight to immediately damage your roof, it can still wear it down much faster than expected. 

According to reliable Dayton, Ohio, roofers, added weight increases stress and shortens the structure’s lifespan. To minimize risk, use a roof rake to remove piled snow while standing on the ground, or call your roofing contractor to take care of it for you.

Leaks Due to Thermal Effects

The risk of having a leak in your roofing structure increases significantly during the winter because of the fluctuations in temperature.

If water gets underneath a shingle, then that shingle can be pushed out of place when the temperature drops. This is because water expands up to 9% by volume when frozen. 

This significant change in volume gives the typical roof in Dayton, Ohio, issues with structural integrity and warping every winter. 

If water seeps into a beam or support before freezing, it could force that beam to change its shape. Over time, this leads to leaks and structural damage that Dayton, Ohio, roofers will need to fix. 

Final Thoughts

Roofing companies in Dayton, OH, are always prepared for the stresses that wintertime brings to local roofing systems. From ice dams to frozen water expanding to the weight of snow forming on your roof, there are many things to occupy an expert roofer in Dayton, OH!

It’s essential that every homeowner in the area is prepared for the winter and has one of the great roofing companies in Dayton, OH, on their team just in case one of these issues forms. 

With an experienced contractor on your side, you will be all set to make it through the taxing Ohio winter! 

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