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Navigating a roof replacement in Dayton can sometimes feel like uncharted territory. After all, it isn’t every day that you have roofing contractors milling around your house with equipment and materials. 

But don’t panic!

While the process may seem daunting, understanding what’s going to happen can make the experience more bearable and prevent any surprises along the way. 


Understanding the Roof Replacement Process


A well executed roof replacement involves a series of steps. Each step is important in ensuring that your new roof will not only look good but will also last for years. Here’s a closer look at how your Dayton roofing contractor might tackle the job.

Step 1: Roof Inspection

The first step is always an inspection. This isn’t just a glance, but an in depth, careful examination by a qualified roof inspector. The inspection allows the roofer to understand what they’re working with and tailor their services to meet your specific needs.

Step 2: Material Selection

Once the inspection is complete, you’ll discuss and select suitable materials for your new roof. The contractor can help you decide the type of shingle, color, brand, and so on. 

Your opinion is really important during this step because you know best what looks good on your house and what your budget is. The contractor may suggest certain roofing materials based on what will protect you best from Ohio’s weather.

Step 3: Removing the Old Roof

After you have everything picked out, the construction will begin.  

Removing the old roof can be noisy and messy, but your roofing contractor will do their best to keep disruptions low during this important part of the process. Remember that every piece removed is paving way for something new: your stunningly beautiful and durable new roof!

Step 4: Repairing the Roof Deck

Once the old roof is removed, the next phase involves checking and repairing the roof deck. This step is crucial for a more lasting and durable new roof. If roof deck damage isn’t taken care of properly, it can trap moisture, leading to rot or mold, which can cause more major problems later on.

Step 5: Installing the New Roof

The final step in this process is installing your new shingles. Your roof replacement company has taken time to prepare a strong foundation, so now it’s time to top it off with your chosen materials. Upon completion of this step, you’re now the proud owner of a new roof! 


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How Much Time Does It Take To Replace Your Roof?


Planning to replace your roof in Dayton can be exciting for homeowners. But it can also bring up a lot of questions and uncertainties, including “how much time does it take to replace a roof?”

Any experienced Dayton roofing contractor would likely agree that the timeframe for roof replacement is not set in stone, as it depends on several variables:

  1. Size of the House – A larger roof will naturally demand more time for completion compared to smaller ones. A smaller home might only require a day or two, while a large home could stretch into three days or more.
  2. Complexity of the Project – Features such as multiple layers of shingles, chimneys, skylights, or intricate designs may necessitate extra work and therefore additional time.
  3. Chosen Material – Some materials, like tile or metal, are heavier and harder to install, thus extending your timeline.

Usually, a skilled roofing company can finish most roof replacements in one to four days, unless there are unexpected issues or complex designs. Sometimes, other factors like bad weather or hidden problems under the old roofing materials can make it take longer. Remember, quality is more important than speed. Good roofing companies in Dayton take their time to do each step right, from removing the old roof to putting on the new shingles. 


While waiting for your new roof, you might want to learn about the costs of roof replacement in Ohio. Check out our blog post for more information: How much does it cost to replace a roof in Ohio?


How Your Roofing Contractors Will Handle the Replacement


When you hire a roofing contractor for your roof replacement in Dayton, OH, it’s normal to want to understand their process. Here’s an insight on what steps reputable roofing replacement companies usually take, their timelines, and what stage of the job they typically complete each part.

When Do They Arrive?

Firstly, your roofing contractors’ arrival time may depend on several factors such as weather conditions and travel distance. However, in most cases, expect them at your home by early morning.

How Do They Start?

Once onsite, the team gets to work immediately. They start with laying tarps over plants and other areas around your house for protection from falling debris during the removal of your old roof. 

In the first step of a roof replacement in Dayton, OH, the team carefully takes off all the old shingles or tiles. This lets them see and fix problems like rot or leaks under the roofing material.

Once your roofing company has carefully checked everything and fixed any issues with the roof deck, they start installing the new roofing materials. They carefully place each new shingle to make sure the roof looks good and protects your home from rain and wind.

How Long Do They Work?

These experienced professionals aim to complete tasks swiftly and efficiently with minimal disruption wherever possible, so they typically work long days unless halted by rain or extreme weather conditions. After the project is complete, they will clean around your home, picking up every bit of leftover material. 

The time it takes to fix your roof can change based on what’s found in the initial inspection. It’s best to talk to your roofing contractor to get a clear idea of how long it will take.

Remember, any respectable roofing contractor will answer all your questions and walk you through their procedures. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, it’s your home and you have a right to know what’s going on every step of the way.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof in Ohio?


When thinking about replacing your roof, it’s important to understand what factors influence the cost. The price can change a lot based on several things. Remember that each roofing company may quote different prices based on factors such as materials used, size of the roof, and labor charges of the individual roofing contractor.

Traditionally, a homeowner can anticipate paying between $7,000 and $15,000 for a standard roof replacement in Dayton, Ohio. Let’s break this down further.

Material Costs

In most cases, asphalt shingles are popular because they’re economical yet durable, generally ranging from $1 to $4 per square foot. However, if you wish for more sturdy material like metal or tiles your price can escalate quickly. A metal roof could cost anywhere from $5 to $14 per square foot, whereas high end materials like slate may run even higher.

Labor Charges

The majority of what you pay for is actually labor costs. Professional help isn’t cheap but it’s really important for making sure the work is done well.

Under normal circumstances, it would be fair to assume that about 60% of your total bill goes towards labor. Keep in mind however, complex jobs demanding more time or specialized skills could increase this percentage.

It’s worth noting that prices fluctuate over time due to market demand and supply chain shifts.


Final Thoughts

With this guide, hopefully your roofing project becomes a little less daunting. If you’re considering a roof replacement, it’s important to invest in quality service from reliable roofing companies in Dayton, like AlphaOne Exteriors. Going cheap now might cost you a lot more later if you have to fix damage due to poor workmanship. 

When thinking about roof replacements, knowing what to expect can help you make smart choices. It’s a big investment, but your roof protects what’s most important to you. 

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