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A Guide to Ice Dams

One of the most common issues that roofers deal with in the winter is damage from ice dams. However, if you’re a new homeowner, you may not know much about this problem or how to prevent it. Below is more information about how an ice dam can affect your home, as well as what to do when they form.

3 Ways to Improve a Roof’s Energy Efficiency

1. What Are They?

When snow collects on the roof, it will melt and refreeze as the temperature fluctuates. Typically, this happens when the attic does not have adequate insulation, causing heat from the house to leak. This will melt the snow and allow it to run toward the gutters, where the cold outdoor air freezes it into ice. This forms a dam that will expand as more snow melts and freezes, adding significant weight to your gutters and roof.

2. What Problems Do They Cause?

Gutters in Dayton OhioIce dams can cause water to back up and leak into the roof, as it cannot drain away from the home. This leads to moisture and mold damage inside the attic and on your ceiling. When this happens, family members may experience more frequent allergic reactions and asthma symptoms, as well as respiratory issues.

rooferFurthermore, excess ice accumulation leads to uneven weight distribution, causing the gutters and edges of the roof to pull away from the house. This allows water to run down the side of the home, peeling the paint and rotting the siding.

3. How Can You Prevent Them?

If you have an ice dam, call a roofer for assistance. Attempting to remove it yourself is dangerous, as it requires you to climb on top of the home. After removing the obstruction, your roofer can advise you on how to prevent future dams from forming. For example, adding insulation and a vapor barrier to the attic will improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

If your existing roof has extensive damage or is near the end of its life span, a roofer might also suggest replacing it with a metal one. Water cannot seep into a metal roof, and this material stays cold longer than wood and asphalt shingles.

Removing snow from the roof can also prevent ice from forming. However, it is dangerous to do this without proper gear. This is especially true if you have a multi-story home with a sloped roof, as the structure will be slippery.

When you need a reliable roofer to help you remove and prevent ice dams, contact AlphaOne Exteriors in Dayton, OH. This exterior remodeling company offers a broad range of services to keep your home safe, comfortable, and beautiful, whether you need roof repairs or siding replacement. Call (937) 401-3405 to speak with a team member about your needs.

Gutters in Dayton
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