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3 Tips to Maintain Your Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is an excellent option for any home, as it’s durable and boosts curb appeal. It’s also low-maintenance and will look great for years to come with basic care. To avoid the need for premature siding replacement, follow these helpful tips.

How to Care for Fiber Cement Siding

1. Check the Seals & Caulk as Needed

Fiber cement siding is water-resistant and secured to houses with silicone caulk. This seal keeps moisture from leaking beneath the panels and into the home, so keep a close eye on it. Caulk will begin to flake and chip over time, and catching these symptoms early will help you prevent costly water damage. When the time comes, scrape off the existing seal and apply a new line of caulk to protect your home.

2. Clean the Panels

siding replacement dayton2 1Keep your siding looking great by spot-cleaning with warm water and dish soap when dirt and debris collect. While this is generally enough to remove most substances, you can perform a deeper cleaning when necessary by hiring a pressure washing service. These professionals will blast embedded dirt from the panels with high-powered water jets to restore your siding’s color.

3. Maintain the Gutters

Clogged gutters will allow rainwater to spill over the sides and strike against your fiber cement siding rather than moving to the downspouts. Over time, the moisture may discolor the panels and the force of the water could pry them away from your home. When this happens, moisture could seep behind them and cause mold growth, ultimately leading to the need for siding replacement. To prevent this, schedule gutter cleaning twice a year or when you notice that they’re starting to fill.

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